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Why did you become a personal trainer?
I started in the industry 5+ years ago. Initially it was due to my passion for sports, mainly Rugby and League. I wanted to have that same passion with my career and at the time I didn’t. Being active made it an easy career change as I found that I wasn’t just passionate about fitness but also passionate about helping my clients reach their targets also pushing them to their limits. I specialize in functional training methods and Zuu.

Favourite Food:
Coming from a hospitality background, I learned to cook straight out of school in professional kitchens so I love all food, you name it I’ll eat it.

Favourite Workout:
Favourite exercise is the Deadlift and Chin ups. I like to mix things up so my workouts change all the time but I would say a combo of weights and functional bodyweight exercises. Zuu based bodyweight training is best for me, as you increase mobility and flexibility while getting that all important cardio/strength/lactic smack.

Favourite aspect about training?
My mental state of mind. Yes training makes you look good but it’s my mind that gets put at ease after a tough session. Everyone is so busy these days that they forget about number one, If I feel good it flows to all aspects of my life. In my business it’s the friends that I have got through my journey, clients become friends and they let you into their lives, which is very special.





Why did you become a Personal Trainer?
I've been in the fitness industry for 10+ years. I have always had a passion for health and fitness from a very young age. I have an interest in training females and making them feel empowered and comfortable and confident in their own skin. I also have the experience of pre and post natal fitness (Mumma of two!). I know how important the benefits of developing a strong pelvic floor and core control. Changing your lifestyle and habits are the most difficult part of your journey. I will help you adopt realistic changes that will encourage you to find enjoyment in exercise in an environment you like.

Favourite food:
Anything Italian.

Favourite exercise:
Deadlifts (basically anything that doesnt involve me running)

Favourite thing about training:
My mental health and the way exercise makes me feel afterwards. Being fit, strong and healthy so I can still do the things I like doing now when I'm older. Also to be able to live as long as possible for our daughter and son.