Whats the difference between Personal Training and Small Group Training?

If you’re looking for training that will be safe, relationship-based, and 100% focused on you, then private one-on-one personal training is the best for you. One-on-one personal training training yields the best results, because your personal trainer is going to gear every workout, exercise, repetition, and set towards your main goal—whether it’s to trim down for a holiday or reach a goal weight. Personal trainers do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Personal trainers can go deeper and develop workouts tailored to your injuries, abilities, preferences, and body type. Personal training is 100% focused on you because the trainer is focusing on your moves, form, biomechanics, and breathing technique. 

Small Group Training is your opportunity to have as close as possible to a personal training experience, whilst being able to share the cost of a personal trainer. Small Group Training is targeted at groups of only 4-10 people, sessions are designed for a group of friends who want to train together, or for clients at a similar fitness level and sessions are varied and modifiable based on each of the individual’s abilities.

Small group training you get group energy of support and encouragement that comes with a community of like minded people.

Below are just a few examples of our one-on-one clients and their amazing results which you too can achieve. 


but wait! it's not all about fat loss... 

Below are two of our clients with exceptional results.


 - Lynn

“Megan has been my PT Instructor for nearly two years. Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with arthritis of the lower back, told there was no cure and prescribed Voltaren (4 times a day) for pain relief.

As well as my two PT sessions I also attend her Boot Camp twice a week.

Since my diagnosis Megan has programmed my PT session exercises to strengthen my core and is mindful of my back problem during the Boot Camp sessions.

I do not take any medication at the moment and can only put it down to my exercise regime.

I have found Megan to be very professional and would highly recommend her as a PT instructor.”


- Jennifer 

I have been training with Megan at Fate Fitness since 2010. When I met her, I was a “healthy” 60kg but with a myriad of other health issues. A Liver Transplant in 2002 has me on long term drugs but not without their side effects - namely Hypertension and Osteopenia. I also have Ulcerative Colitis. There are 3 solid reasons to get fit;

Lower Blood Pressure
Strong Bones
Stay healthy to avoid flare-ups

The last two years have been epic. In 2013, my partner of 10 years proposes. We are due to marry in October 2014. 

New Goals;
Wedding arms
Wedding arms
Wedding arms

My arms were on-track until March 2014, when a routine colonoscopy found high-grade displastic changes in my large bowel and I am told it needs to be removed ASAP before bowel cancer can develop. When I told Megan this she was understandably shocked, but together we made a plan. We increased the training per week and switched to strength exercises with the premise that the stronger and fitter I am going into this surgery the quicker the recovery.

New fitness goals;
Get strong. Stronger & fitter = quicker recovery
Exercise more times a week
Wedding arms

5 months later I have my surgery. I am unable to lift anything for 6 weeks. I lose almost 10kg bringing my weight to 52kg at my lightest. Most of what I lost was muscle, but without Megan’s help in building that muscle to begin with, I could’ve lost a lot more. 

In October, I marry my best friend. I am still underweight but the magic of hair, make-up and wardrobe does it’s thing. I did, however, manage to retain my wedding arms. 

After my husband and I return home from our trip abroad, I get straight back into the weight training with Fate Fitness to regain the muscle that I had lost after surgery. I am now back to a healthy 60kg.

Earlier this year, a routine bone density scan shows that I no longer have Osteopenia. I can thank Fate Fitness for this and the years of hard work and dedication. I am no longer at a high risk of developing Osteoporosis when I am older.

Mark and Megan are always positive, professional, and dedicated to achieving results, even if it takes years to see them. I would recommend Fate Fitness to anyone who is interested in their health. Fate Fitness were a key part of my pre-surgery and recovery plan last year, and will continue to be a key part of my ongoing health management plan. Thank you Fate Fitness, for helping me to be the best version of myself.